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impromptu performance site_1

impromptu performance site _1

site for impromptu performance #1 

if you happen upon such a scene and are willing/have the time, please perform an action/song/reading/lecture/?/etc… in front of the logo #nodocumentrequired#unemploymentresidency

keystone kaper_2

keystone kaper_2

keystone kaper_2, 2016. Pair of all white Adidas brand Stan Smith shoes (men size 9 1/2). Shoes were purchased with the $80 that was procured from the sale of keystone kaper_1. Spent a little over a dollar more of my own money to obtain them. The shoes are for sale for $160. If you agree to purchase these shoes, I will first wear them for an entire business day (10am-9pm) @ the domain, performing actions such as spraying entirely too much sample cologne on, staring at one object inside a store for far too long, writing a free form essay on the spot, putting items on hold at various stores that will collectively combine to create the phrase, “Sean Will Bea Ann Amber”, confessing inside store dressing rooms, and more tbd. Message me if interested. #noncommercialexpressionprohibited#unemploymentresidency

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