artist statement

I should have studied physics/mathematics/some other higher level discipline. Maybe if I had I wouldn’t feel so trapped in the superficial. Though it’s possible that the surface is my burden… my field… an actual intellectual pursuit that may prove to be valuable to others. Leave the physics to those less invested in base experience, primal drive, or the true depth of the outer layer… the bliss and curse of the immediate and the whimpering sound that all human endeavor makes compared to the roar of its absence. The mathematician may be able to devise a calculation that informs a pilot about the expected time it will take to travel the line between two points (and most importantly, when the pilot should descend to ensure that they land in the correct spot), but I don’t believe a mathematician can account for the extent of the wander that is individualized consciousness. Yet while it is true that there is a high degree of variability and eccentricity/idiosyncrasy represented by individuals, if you skate across the surface of the variability, you notice integrities among the differences. You notice something essential.

sean ripple