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keystone kaper_2

keystone kaper_2

keystone kaper_2, 2016. Pair of all white Adidas brand Stan Smith shoes (men size 9 1/2). Shoes were purchased with the $80 that was procured from the sale of keystone kaper_1. Spent a little over a dollar more of my own money to obtain them. The shoes are for sale for $160. If you agree to purchase these shoes, I will first wear them for an entire business day (10am-9pm) @ the domain, performing actions such as spraying entirely too much sample cologne on, staring at one object inside a store for far too long, writing a free form essay on the spot, putting items on hold at various stores that will collectively combine to create the phrase, “Sean Will Bea Ann Amber”, confessing inside store dressing rooms, and more tbd. Message me if interested. #noncommercialexpressionprohibited#unemploymentresidency

for sale_sale of rock

for sale_rock

this ain’t no favor

I’m hiring people to read to me while I perform various chores. I will pay people $8.13 more than the current hourly living wage rate for a single person for their services. 

Message me if interested in working for me in this capacity.

Please reference – “#thisaintnofavor” in the subject line. 





works made by remixing items/objects from retail stores such as target, j.crew, the gap, goodwill, and half price books. prices of works will be the retail price set by the store. purchaser will buy the works from the stores in Austin, TX where objects are remixed. I will not create these works until I have a buyer. The buyer and I will agree on the day and time that the work will be purchased, so I can realize the work and attend to it in advance of the purchase, ensuring that the work is not purchased by an unintended recipient.

below are text sketches that describe works I’m looking to do.

remixed small men’s plaid short sleeve or long sleeve button-up gap shirt – $39.99 (could go on sale between now and the time you agree to buy)

remixed wire clothes hamper – $19.99

remixed button-up shirt (style and size TBD) from goodwill – $5.99

cds from 1/2 price books on north lamar remixed by scratching the phrase, “no hash tag” on the data side of the disc – prices vary from $1.00 to $5.99

spray-painted full-length mirror – $31.49

more items to come…

for the collector who truly searches

sean ripple